Saturday, December 29, 2007

He's here!!

Jackson was born yesterday at 3:04 pm. Everything went well, and now we are trying to rest. The adjustments of being a new parent can be overwhelming, but Jamin and I are so thankful for a perfectly healthy and precious baby boy.

Isn't he cute? (That's my pink robe, not his blanket).
There will be many more pictures to come!! Thank you all for looking! And thank you to those who were praying for us.

Jackson Lee Boyer
December 28, 2007
7 lbs, 11 oz. 21 1/2"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Our lives are spent waiting right now. :) This is where we went to a Christmas parade a few weeks ago. It was pretty cold, but the parade was small-town and very short. It was lots of fun.
Our decorations
Jackson's room is finished right now...I think. I keep thinking of other things I need to do.

His going home outfit, unless I change my mind again.
And last but not least, our little man himself. I had an ultrasound today. Since I am over 36 weeks now, he looks absolutely adorable. Here he is:
Look at his chubby little cheeks! The technician measured and thought he was 7 and a half pounds already! It sounds big to me, but he's in the normal range they say. :)
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Just taking a minute to post again. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! We are spending the day with the Reagans. We miss our families, especially after spending so much time with them this summer. But we are so thankful for our new friends here. The Lord has really blessed us in bringing us to this place.

So what am I thankful for?

I am so thankful for the heritage God has given me. It is such a great blessing to have a Christian family. I am so glad Jamin can say the same thing. We have been given so much.

I am thankful for all the basic things in life...a nice home, a good vehicle, clothes to wear and food to eat. We have always had every need met, above and beyond. It amazes me how many times the Lord has come through and provided everything for us, only to have us forget the next time we have a need.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband. He is such a strength to me. It is such a comfort to know that he follows the Lord, and I can trust him to lead our family in the right way. As I get older, and experience more in life, I am made shockingly aware of all the broken homes around me...husbands who leave, or drink, or abuse. May I never let one day go by without thanking the Lord for the gift of a godly husband.

I am thankful for the life growing inside of me. He is getting so big, and with only 6 weeks to go, it is getting so real, so close. It hit me the other night how that it is such a miracle that God would choose to "reward" us in this way. He is blessing us with a precious life to raise for Him.

So many blessings! I could never count them all! Thank you, Lord!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally an Update!

This is going to be one looong post! I am sorry it has taken me SO long to update. You know it's bad when a friend calls to make sure you're okay because you haven't updated your blog! We are still without the internet. I can use Alicia's any time, but sometimes I just don't take the time.

We are settled in our new house. I think I can say everything is in its place now. It's so wonderful to "keep" house again. I am loving it and I have to work harder to stay on top of it now, because I don't feel well enough to put in all the extra time if I get behind.
We have been putting Jackson's room together. It's coming along and I promise to post pictures of the house in about a week. This is one of my favorite outfits! It's so much fun to wash his clothes and put them away. Only 6 more weeks to go!

This past Friday night, the ladies of the church had a baby shower for me. The decorations were so cute. Alicia and Hollie had some fun and unique games, too! Alicia did a really sweet devotion. Everything was so special.
Mom and Dad came to visit for a short weekend. Mom was able to go to the baby shower with me. We really enjoyed their visit. They'll be back again in a few weeks!

We are so happy here! We really love our new church family. We love our new home. The Lord has blessed Jamin with a great job, and an understanding and flexible boss. We have a new doctor and hospital, and everything has fallen into place. We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in our lives. There have been some trying times even since we've been here, but God has provided for every need we have.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Safe and sound in Ohio

Well, we got here safely on Friday night. It was a LONG drive. We had a hard time getting anywhere. But after about 8 hours (it will usually take 5), we pulled into our new driveway. Things are going well now. We have most things unpacked, but it just takes forever. I can only work for a few hours at a time before my swollen ankles start aching. Today, Jamin wanted me to go take a nap for a while, so I slept for 3 hours. I have to learn to pace myself. :) But we're almost finished. I think by Friday, or at least by Monday we will be totally unpacked. I am longing for that day. I will post those pictures later.

The church people have been so sweet here. They have showered us with food, and at church they all talk to us and tell us how glad they are that we are here. We are really blessed with a close, loving church family. We are excited to get comfortable and find our place with them.

I know this is a short update, but there will be more later. Right now, please pray that we can find a dr. and hospital. I have a few places I want to try, but tomorrow I'm hoping to have it settled. Thank you all for your comments and your prayers!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Showers of blessings

So much to post, so little time. To tell you the truth, I'm just too tired to post any pictures. :) I just want to give a quick update. We are on schedule to move tomorrow. Click here to see where we are going. We have our UHaul in the driveway, and my family is all helping tomorrow. Please pray for me. My excitement has already I'm missing my mom. I know I just need some adjustment time, but I feel like I'm leaving home all over again. However, knowing I'm going to have my own home to keep again carries me through the sadness. ;) Having a house makes me so happy I want to giggle like a little giddy girl.

The Lord has worked everything out. The church we mostly attended on Wednesdays in Virginia voted to give us $250 to help us move. It was very kind of them! We grew to love the pastor and people there. Also, another church nearby is giving us $200/month for six months! What a blessing! The Lord has really confirmed in many ways that we are going the direction He wants us to go.

Also, the baby shower in Virginia went very well. I got my nice travel system, and tons of precious little outfits, other needed things, and an unbelievable amount of cash and gift cards! The Lord is good! And to think I was afraid my little boy wouldn't be spoiled enough. :)

The people of First Baptist will be there to welcome us this weekend. They are doing a lot to help us get settled. Alicia and some of the ladies cleaned the house for me nice. I'm not sure if they would do that if I wasn't a little huge right now. ;) And, the men are coming to help unload the truck. They are also bringing us some food to keep us until we have time for grocery shopping. They have been extremely thoughtful! I think we are going to have a wonderful church family!

Jamin and I really covet your prayers during this time. Going into a new ministry is a wonderful and exciting thing. But it is sobering at the same time. We want so much to please the Lord, and nothing else. It's so easy to get caught up in daily life and responsibilities and forget that our lives are for Him. We are not our own; we are bought with a price. He saved us to bring glory to Himself. We don't want to be a hindrance to the ministry in any way. He is so good to us!

Well, off we go. Please hang in there. It may be a while before I post again, but I shall return!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Setting things in motion

Well, we finally have a moving date. We're planning to pull out Friday, October 19th. When we moved from MI, it cost us dearly. Being a 13-hour drive in a car, you can imagine what it was like with a huge moving truck and three other vehicles. :) We had to stretch it over two days. It cost around $1,000 just for the truck and gas. It was snowing, too. :) This trip will be much easier. We think we can get there in around 7 hours, and it is only a fraction of the cost. And we're not planning on having snow. The Reagans and some people from the church are going to help us unpack the truck the next day.

We're so excited to be settled! Especially me. Women who are expecting babies usually go into a big "nesting" thing. I have been unable to do that for the entire six months. I'm ready to "nest." I'm ready to sit on my own couch, cook in my own pots, sweep with my own broom, look into my own mirror, vacuum with my own...well, you get the picture. I'm ready.

We are just as excited about being church members again. Now don't get me wrong. We have faithfully attended church all summer, just in different churches. It's not the same as belonging. We're ready to serve the Lord in "our" church. :)

So how is the baby? Well, he is kicking a LOT, and lately he has been finding it very amusing to stay under my ribs. I'm not sure if I like this. His name (in one book) means "full of personality." Hmm...should I be worried? Things are going great though. Sometimes I still can't believe it is real, but then I try to get off the couch and realize it is very real. :) It's amazing the things I didn't think I would miss, such as breathing. But we are so, so thankful for our precious blessing, and we look forward to the day when we can hold him and see his face. :) Please continue to pray. It's not the greatest time to be moving and finding a new doctor and hospital, etc. I am nervous about it all. I don't have much time to play with because I've already gone to two-week visits. But I know we are in the Lord's will and He will work it all out.

I haven't done great with the camera lately so I have no picture to post. I guess I'll find out who is like me and hates to read posts without pictures! More to come!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby Shower!

The baby shower was yesterday and it was so much fun! I am probably about 10 times more excited now that I have so much "stuff" for the baby. I got so many nice things, now I just need a place to put it all. :) We had it at a river-front park in a gazebo. The Lord gave us a beautiful day! But the wind was blowing our decorations down, so we gave up on the balloons. Here are a few pictures:

My pastor's wife from my teen years (and mother of 6) gave a very precious devotion.

I thought this was a very impressive wrapping job!

Me and my sister

Thank you for taking pictures, Rachel!

It's good to have Jamin home. He got back around 1:30 Friday night. I kinda' fell asleep before he got back, but it's so nice to be together again! Last night he took me on a date. We went to Ruby Tuesday's for a great meal, then did a little shopping. It was a lot of fun. I love dates! Tomorrow we're going with my mom to get a rocking chair for me and the baby. That's Mom and Dad's gift for us. I'm so excited! We're getting a very nice glider with an ottoman...cozy! Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shop 'til you drop

That's what I've been doing! Shopping like crazy! Tuesday I took my sister to lunch, then we shopped for maternity clothes together. We had so much fun! We haven't had a day to ourselves in.....well, I can't remember when. Then I bought some precious baby clothes, which I keep meaning to snap pictures of.

Today, Mom and I shopped for hours! We had such a great day. I found a few new cute things to wear, okay, several. :) We had a fun lunch and just, well, shopped! We were both so exhausted when we got home close to 5:00. My ankles and feet are swollen now and I'm ready for bed. I think that will be most of my shopping for the week. Tomorrow we're going out (to take my granny to get groceries...I promise), but all I need is something for one of my baby quilts. :) Jamin will be glad.

Jamin finally made contact with this job prospect. Things are sounding really great and we're still praying! Hopefully this can all be wrapped up in a few days, then we can set a definite moving date!

I hate reading posts without pictures. :) So in honor of my precious husband, who is away and missed greatly, I am posting a mushy picture of us. Enjoy!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My thoughts on home schooling

Well, my dear hubby has gone, and I'm here with my parents. I'm excited to shop and do some fun stuff this week, but I already feel an ache in my heart. The week will go by fast, I am convincing myself constantly.

I have been thinking about home schooling lately. The three of us (Kristan, Jonathan, and me) started out in Christian school for a few years, and then we were home schooled all the way through to graduation. There were times along the way that I wished I could go to public school. Those kids seemed to have so much fun, so many friends. And we were in a small church where there were very few, if any kids our age. My older sister wanted to go to public school at some point, too. Money was tight. I probably have no idea just how tight. It would have been SO much easier for our parents to send us to public school. Why didn't they? Because they believed in giving us a Christian education. They realized that God had given us to them, and it was their responsibility to raise us for Him! It was their responsibility to protect us from what the world has to offer. They believed it so strongly that they would have moved if the state of Tennessee had out-lawed home schooling. What strong parents! It seems like lately a lot of Christian parents are giving up on Christian education (home school or Christian school). I am so thankful my parents did not give in! One thing we couldn't see when we were young was all the bad things those public school kids had to deal with. We couldn't see all the things our parents were protecting us from. I was saved at a young age and going to public school would not have taken away my salvation. But I would have so many scars and temptations to deal with today had I been exposed to all those things. I have enough to keep under control with my flesh already. I know there are situations when parents have no choice, but it is rare. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're home schooling your kids, or you have them in a good Christian school, stick with it. It's worth it! It will help your kids reach their full potential for the Lord, without so many unneeded scars. They will be thankful...we are!
Dad and Mom

Jamin has a similar story. The three of them went through Christian school all the way! Praise the Lord for godly parents!
Dad and Mom Boyer, Jada, us

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The week ahead

Well, Jamin and I have decided to do something different this week. We've been talking about letting me stay with my family while he goes to work in VA. So we're going to do it this week. Why is my husband agreeing to this? Maybe it's the mood swings. :) No, not really. We don't need time from each other, I just need some "mom" time, some "sister" time, some "granny" time. Since we're trying to move within just a few weeks, I need to get it in. It's now or never. So I'll be staying here this week. I will miss him terribly. The only time we did this was when Daniel was born (my sister's youngest baby). I came to TN from MI for about 4 or 5 days. I missed him. The good thing about it is that he works pretty long hours right now, so we'll just miss our evenings together. Can you tell I feel terrible? I'm trying to help you all understand why it's ok.

The up-side? I'll be on the internet all week!! Yea! I'm planning on posting a lot. I have a few things to catch up on, a few thoughts I've been thinking on, and lots of baby stuff I've been buying!

Other thoughts: Please pray about a job for Jamin. We have gotten a very good lead and he plans on contacting the company tomorrow.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wings Over the Big South Fork

Yesterday, we went to a really cool air show in Oneida, TN. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that we didn't realize we were all getting scorched. We're all red today but it was worth it. My whole family got to go (but we don't have a family picture...surprise), so it was a lot of fun to be together.

There was a parachuting demonstration. It was so neat, but we couldn't get any good pictures. The plane dropped about 9 jumpers. Then a smaller plane circled the sky with the smokey trail all around them. It was so much fun!

The boys really loved it. Occasionally, Daniel was a little scared of the loud noises.

This pilot was awesome! He did some really crazy stuff!

If you've never been to an air show and you have opportunity to go, let me tell you, "GO!" It's really a lot of fun. And this was a really small-scale show. They didn't even charge admission. I'd really like to see the Blue Angels now! I'm also hoping to use some pictures I got for the baby's room. I think a few of them will crop and enlarge okay, especially sepia or b&w. We also got some shots of propellers and gauges and things like that that will be cute in the room!

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby news

Well, since some of you have asked about a name, I'll go ahead and tell you. Even though we thought it was a girl, we were more settled on a boy's name than a girl's. So our baby will be Jackson Lee. Jamin says we are sounding a little Confederate. :) I told him we could call him Jackson Grant to keep it even, but he didn't like that! Lee is Jamin's middle name, and also several others on both sides of the family. We're really pleased with our baby name.

I actually had better nursery plans for a boy too. We're doing airplanes, and I'm planning hard. I'm going to buy fabric today. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make all the bedding for this baby. I've got it all drawn out, I just hope it comes out the same as it looks on paper. I made some letters for his name. They are wooden letters, about 6-7" high. They have little bits of fabric put on with Mod Podge, and separated with brown yarn. They look pretty good. I'm going to use some of those same fabrics on the crib. I only took a picture of the first four letters. We're not just going to call him Jack.

We're also going to register today. Since we're planning to move in 3-4 weeks, my mom is planning my baby shower for the last Saturday in September. It's a little sooner than most baby showers, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to get down here very easy. Also, if I get a few large things (swing, stroller), they won't fit in my car. So we're just going to do it before we move so we can pack it all in the huge truck when we're moving. Fun, fun, fun!!

Okay, switching gears. The other day I went to work with Jamin for a little while. He usually works with another man, but that day he went on a job by himself. It was a pretty day, so I sat in the truck and finished a book I started a month ago. I liked watching him work. It was sweet to spend the afternoon together. :) He's been working very hard lately, and sometimes very long hours.

One more picture...after church the other night, Jamin was so sweet, telling me I looked beautiful. He wanted to take a picture of me. Even though I was looking very tired, the sweet way he looked at me was priceless. :) Mushy.

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


A message from the Boyer baby

I surprised my mommy and daddy this week. Last time I was hiding and they thought I was a girl. Isn't that a funny trick? This time I decided to behave so they could see that I am a little BOY! Mommy and Daddy were laughing so hard. I am growing and getting bigger, right on schedule, and I can't wait for you all to see me in December!

Here's a picture of my parents:

Monday, September 3, 2007

Back from Ohio

We had a great weekend in Ohio, scouting out places to live and jobs to apply for. We got to West Union Saturday afternoon and had a great time with the Reagans. The Sunday services also went well. And in spite my short nap, it was a wonderful day. Bro. Jimmy is a very good preacher and Jamin and I were both helped and challenged. It was nice to spend some time with the church people there. Many of them kept telling us how excited they were that we're moving there. I think we are going to have a wonderful church family! Today we went to look at a house! Yea! A lady in the church there is trying to sell it, but she's willing to rent it to us for very cheap for about six months. We really are hoping to buy soon, so that will give us time to save up and find a place closer to the church. But the house is great, it's a manufactured home (or a double wide) with three bedrooms, a large kitchen with great appliances, big windows all over, room for visiting families, just beautiful! And the low price would really help us in so many ways. Some of the church folks also had great ideas on jobs, so we're praying something can be settled soon. The job will determine if we can live in that house or if we'll have to find something in a different location. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are! We are so thankful to the Lord that we are going to have a church home again. We talked about all these things most of the five hour drive back today. We can't wait to be there! We also looked at some newspapers on the way home and there are some really great houses for less than I expected. They say it's a buyer's market right now. I hope it still is in a few months when we can do something about it.

The next ultrasound is tomorrow. Can you teach children to obey while they are still in the womb? I'm trying it anyway. :) *She* will cooperate tomorrow.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Still here

Nothing really new or exciting to post. I just want to keep you all a little updated, and show something new every once in a while so my faithful readers will continue reading. :) We're still going back and forth every week. It's tiring living out of a suitcase, but we love our families so much! We're going to Ohio this weekend. Help us pray that it will be a profitable trip. It would be good to come back with a job under Jamin's belt and a house in mind.

Okay, this is going to be weird and a little gross. Do any of you suffer from warts? I got one on the bottom of my foot in January, yes January. It grew to be pretty big and over the spring, spread into about 10! It was so sore. I couldn't walk on my bare foot unless I walked on the side of my foot. I tried everything. I did a 12-week Dr. Scholl's treatment, and several home remedies. But I want you to know I have found the cure! Someone told me to try putting nail polish on them every night and covering them with a band-aid. So I did (except I used duct tape instead of a band-aid). I noticed last week that I could walk flat on my foot. Yea! I know this is not as exciting for you as it was for me. But then last night, I tried to get some of the yucky seeds out of them, and about five of them came out, I mean the whole entire wart! yea! (and yuck.) Anyway, I am on the road to recovery.

And now you KNOW I have nothing to post! Thank for reading about the exciting events in my life.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A week with Ryder...

Ryder spent last week with us in VA. We had a lot of fun...except for the fact that he gets up early! I'm kind of used to getting up whenever I want to. :) So I had to make some adjustments. We really had fun. His favorite part was being around Jada!

We didn't take quite as many pictures, as you can see. But we had a great time! I'm looking forward to going back to my lazy life this week!

Fun in the Sun

Last week, I decided to go swimming at my aunt's pool. I'm dying to lay on my stomach (do you hear me, moms?). So, my sister brought me the only float left at WalMart. It was one of those cheap, skinny ones, and it had a hole to top it all. I had a hard time staying on it...oh well. But she brought her boys and we had a fun day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Ultrasound

We just had the ultrasound, and she *thinks* that it's a girl. But even though I drank Mt. Dew, the baby was not moving at all. We are going back in 3 more weeks to do a follow up, then we'll know for sure if it's a girl.

We're moving...

Last week, the Lord gave us a definite direction to take. As you know, we've been kind of "floating" since the middle of April. But as of last night, it's official; we're moving to Ohio to work with the Reagans. We are SO excited to work in a ministry again and be a part of a church. I also love the idea of having our own place to live again. We have wonderful parents and are so thankful that they have let us live with them for so long. We have enjoyed being so close to them for these past few months...but I miss my couch, my pretty tablecloths, my mirror, you know? :) Anyway, it's such a great feeling to have a definite answer to all these prayers. We are looking at trying to move sometime around October. Several things have to fall into place. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide a good job for Jamin, a place for us to live, and a new doctor for the baby. :)

Well, off to the ultrasound in a few hours!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I figured it out!

I've made two drafts - one for a boy and one for a girl. Tomorrow my brother is going to post one for me after we find out. I'm so nice, going to all that trouble just so some of you can find out right away. This is probably the week that no one will check my blog anyway. :)

Drive through Bristol

On the way back to TN this past Saturday, Jamin wanted to take a drive through Bristol. He and his family lived there when he was little. He wanted to show me the camp their church owned, and the South Holston Dam. It was HOT, but in the car with a/c, it doesn't really matter. :) Here are pictures we took at the dam.

And there you have it!

Tomorrow's the big day! The ultrasound! We have wanted a girl all along, but I'm starting to want a boy (don't tell anyone). Plus, everyone in my family seems to want us to have a boy. And I saw some adorable airplane nursery decor at WalMart the other day. But I've seen some pretty precious little dresses too... stay tuned. I'm trying to think of a way to post without a computer. :) If I can't work it out, make sure you come back on the weekend to find out. Also, please pray that everything is okay and that there are no problems with the baby. We are so excited!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tagged again...

Rachel tagged me for a meme. I think these are fun...although I have no idea what meme means and where these come from. :)

Four Jobs I have had:
Clerk at a little family-owned dress shop
Waitress at Steak 'N Shake
Secretary/assistant proof-reader at Crown Christian Publications (loved it!)
Wife (the best of all)

Four Films I can watch over and over:
The Sound of Music
Royal Wedding
The Parent Trap (and other old Disney movies)
Troop Beverly Hills (SO a kid movie, I love it!)

Four Places I have lived:
Oakdale, TN
Dorms at Crown College, Powell, TN
Emory Rd, Powell, TN
Alpena, MI

Four of my favorite TV shows:
Andy Griffith
Road to Avonlea
Murder She Wrote
Drake and Josh (KID show)

Four favorite foods:
Anything from Taco Bell
Anything Mexican
Whatever I'm craving at any moment (no pickles and ice cream so far)

Four websites I visit daily:
I don't visit anything daily, but...
Other blogs
Weather or news sites (boring I know)

Four Places I would love to be:
Somewhere just with Jamin (anywhere)
My own home
The beach
Another country (besides Canada)

Four People I'm tagging:

*Don't do it if you don't want to, but I'd love to read it if you do. :)

Nothing exciting to post

I'm just going to do a quick catch-up here on every subject I can think of.

We spent last week in Va, and we're going again tomorrow. Last week, we actually found out that our car insurance had been canceled. We were a bit late on a payment, but they won't reinstate. They were going to cancel anyway, because they finally realized we weren't in MI anymore. Oh well. We're going to change it tomorrow, along with our registration and drivers' licenses. Not fun. It's such a hassle to get things switched over.

I'm feeling the baby move a lot more now. It's been several times a day the last few days. I don't have to lay still and poke my stomach anymore. :) We go next Tuesday (8/14) for the big ultrasound, but I won't be able to post until the weekend...the suspense of it all! I'm officially out of my regular clothes (except for a few stretchy things). My maternity clothes are still mostly too big, but at least they're comfy, and cute. :) I keep meaning to take pictures, I know some of you want to see my chubby tummy. They're coming...

After all our floating around, I think we've finally reached a decision about our future and where the Lord would have us, and when. But a few things have to be finalized and discussed, lots of plans have to be stay tuned. We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we make this decision.

I have a hard time keeping my attention on a post when there are no pictures, so I'll stick in a few. :) Braden was with us last week, and we had a great time. His favorite thing was taking pictures with my camera (with the strap around his neck, and no running). I won't put up the pictures he took. He somehow thought he needed pictures of all the license plates on our cars, and the giant rug he was playing cars on. But he loved it. :) We went to a tractor pull Friday night. And he loved taking pictures of the tractors more than he liked the tractor pull itself. Funny boy!

Loading Jamin's air-soft gun (under close supervision)

Checking out the pond

We played water balloons one was a blast!

At the tractor pull

Wow! That turned into a long post, but since I only have about one a week these days, I guess you can handle it! Tune in again next weekend!