Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nothing exciting to post

I'm just going to do a quick catch-up here on every subject I can think of.

We spent last week in Va, and we're going again tomorrow. Last week, we actually found out that our car insurance had been canceled. We were a bit late on a payment, but they won't reinstate. They were going to cancel anyway, because they finally realized we weren't in MI anymore. Oh well. We're going to change it tomorrow, along with our registration and drivers' licenses. Not fun. It's such a hassle to get things switched over.

I'm feeling the baby move a lot more now. It's been several times a day the last few days. I don't have to lay still and poke my stomach anymore. :) We go next Tuesday (8/14) for the big ultrasound, but I won't be able to post until the weekend...the suspense of it all! I'm officially out of my regular clothes (except for a few stretchy things). My maternity clothes are still mostly too big, but at least they're comfy, and cute. :) I keep meaning to take pictures, I know some of you want to see my chubby tummy. They're coming...

After all our floating around, I think we've finally reached a decision about our future and where the Lord would have us, and when. But a few things have to be finalized and discussed, lots of plans have to be stay tuned. We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we make this decision.

I have a hard time keeping my attention on a post when there are no pictures, so I'll stick in a few. :) Braden was with us last week, and we had a great time. His favorite thing was taking pictures with my camera (with the strap around his neck, and no running). I won't put up the pictures he took. He somehow thought he needed pictures of all the license plates on our cars, and the giant rug he was playing cars on. But he loved it. :) We went to a tractor pull Friday night. And he loved taking pictures of the tractors more than he liked the tractor pull itself. Funny boy!

Loading Jamin's air-soft gun (under close supervision)

Checking out the pond

We played water balloons one was a blast!

At the tractor pull

Wow! That turned into a long post, but since I only have about one a week these days, I guess you can handle it! Tune in again next weekend!

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Alicia Reagan said...

I love your posts!! We are praying for you and Jamin and God's direction in your lives every day. We know He will lead you when and where.
I am so glad you are feeling the baby. I just love that feeling!!
Although car insurance changes are a hassle, you will probably enjoy cheaper insurance! So, that will be a blessing.
Talk to ya soon!