Sunday, September 23, 2007

The week ahead

Well, Jamin and I have decided to do something different this week. We've been talking about letting me stay with my family while he goes to work in VA. So we're going to do it this week. Why is my husband agreeing to this? Maybe it's the mood swings. :) No, not really. We don't need time from each other, I just need some "mom" time, some "sister" time, some "granny" time. Since we're trying to move within just a few weeks, I need to get it in. It's now or never. So I'll be staying here this week. I will miss him terribly. The only time we did this was when Daniel was born (my sister's youngest baby). I came to TN from MI for about 4 or 5 days. I missed him. The good thing about it is that he works pretty long hours right now, so we'll just miss our evenings together. Can you tell I feel terrible? I'm trying to help you all understand why it's ok.

The up-side? I'll be on the internet all week!! Yea! I'm planning on posting a lot. I have a few things to catch up on, a few thoughts I've been thinking on, and lots of baby stuff I've been buying!

Other thoughts: Please pray about a job for Jamin. We have gotten a very good lead and he plans on contacting the company tomorrow.


Alicia Reagan said...

Yeah!! I will be glad to keep up with you all week! I can't wait until you are here and we can "keep up" in person! Love ya! I hope the job lead works out!

Jen Bartlett said...

Oh, Joy...enjoy that mom time while you can!! And, as my mom always says when I leave Tommy to visit with her, he will just appreciate you even more when you're back together! I hope you have a good week!