Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am a big hobby person. I have all my little crafty things I love to do. When I'm pregnant, I like to make maternity clothes. I'm not a great seamstress, but when you're pregnant, the dress doesn't have to "fit" like normal clothes do. :) It just has to make room for the belly. I love to scrapbook. I get on scrapbook kicks and want to scrapbook night and day. I have several books that are finished and several more "works in progress."

What am I into right now? Well, I love, love, love to make quilts!! Both of my grandmothers have been into this, so I have "inherited" the love for it, I guess. My Granny Heidel is so glad it's being passed down. :) I have fabric everywhere! My cedar chest is packed, I can barely close the lid. And I have several boxes in my back closet, and a few bags stashed here and there. It's ridiculous really, but I haven't paid a cent for any of it.

Jamin brought home a Quilting magazine to me last night, so I'm all into it again. I have done several baby quilts lately, but needed to finish one up. I'm also working on some for Christmas presents. I also have a new nephew due to arrive this week, so I'm trying to get his little quilt done.

As I finally perused my magazine, I checked into all the websites that are listed there. I saw so many patterns and colors I love!! But I can't start anything new, not now with all the projects remaining to be finished! So I'm going to work hard this winter to finish up everything I have started. I think I have one queen-size top and two lap-sized tops to be quilted (or tied), and then a few full size tops I'm working on (for Christmas). I finished a baby quilt today, and started a baby quilt. It's so fun!!

I love to make quilts for gifts. Since I already have tons of fabric, it usually only costs me what the batting (cotton) costs, and sometimes I need backing. They're so special and meaningful. I have a quilt that was given to me by my Granny Heidel. Her mother helped her make it years and years ago. It is so special and cherished. I want to give gifts like that...that have memories to go along.

My heirloom quilt:

It's more challenging now with two little ones making messes and crying and needing diaper changes. So I have to work hard when I can!

Timothy's baby quilt: I did it all by hand, except for zig-zagging on the binding. I only finished it a few weeks before he was born.

The quilt I finished today for little cousin Avery Grace:

Starting on my new nephew's quilt: I now have a helper! Yeah right! Thank goodness he only wanted to sit still for about two minutes. It was cute anyway! :)

The love of quilting is in my blood, and I'm obsessed. Who doesn't love to curl up with a quilt?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Treasured Times

This weekend we celebrate two years...

In June, 2007, we came to visit southern Ohio. We loved the church and the people there. Our hearts immediately became knit together with the Reagan family. We so enjoyed our time here, and wanted to come and help in the faithful work they were doing.

We had a wonderful visit and knew we wanted to come here. But we took our time, waited, and prayed. Jamin was wise to wait a little longer to make a decision than I wanted to wait. ;)

In August, we officially decided to move to Ohio. We came up labor day weekend to look for a house and job. A dear lady in our church graciously and generously offered her home for us to rent for a shockingly small amount of money, a Virginia church helped us move, and another Virginia church supported us for $200/month for 1 year, and they have recently started that again for 6 months! God is good! He was good then, and He is good today! He proved to us in many ways that we were making the right decision.

On October 19, 2007, we pulled into our new Ohio home and set to work unpacking. I was 30 weeks pregnant with Jackson and had to get settled into a new doctor's office quickly. But all went smoothly.

Our first Sunday here:

Jamin's ordination: August 2008

There are so many memories and so many good times. We love the Reagan family so much. They have such a strong testimony of faithfulness to the Lord. They are not perfect. They are people. But their dedication to serve God does not waver.

2009 Mission Trip to Kyrgyzstan:

This past year has really been a trial for them. Alicia's health has been very bad and unpredictable at times. She can no longer walk and is in a wheelchair, but her spirit has been great. She has continued to love the Lord as His grace shines through. I don't know how difficult it has to be, but she can laugh. She can still live happily because the Lord is in control of her life.

It's wonderful that when it seems she should be sad and depressed, she can still encourage me. It's so hillarious thinking of the times when we've gone somewhere and had problems with the wheelchair unfolding, or it rains as she has to wheel herself out, unable to hold an umbrella, or she has been unable to reach what she needs on the shelf so she calls me her "servant." :)

Our preacher has been so faithful to serve the Lord while taking care of his wife. Now he has to take care of laundry and dishes. Their children have chores and take care of the house. They have had to rearrange the way they order their lives. But through it all, they are still faithful to God, and He is faithful to them.

We have learned so much about following the Bible, following the Lord, and simply being faithful. We have learned that people need the truth and we must give it to them. We have served together through VBS, music, and literature blitzes. We have spent Thanksgiving and Easter dinners together. We have shopped together, watched McHale's Navy together, and laughed together. We have also added to our families together. Well, four days apart. :)

Elisha Maclaren and Timothy Dale

They have encouraged us as we continue to learn about the ministry. They have helped us as we began our family here. They have a bit more experience in raising children :), and we have been able to glean from that.

There are not enough words or enough pictures to express what is on my heart as we think of being here two years. It has not been perfect (it's life), but it has been wonderful. Even the hard times have been good.

We are so thankful that God led us to this place. It is His perfect will. We are thankful for TWO YEARS in West Union, Ohio!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where is Papa, Mommy?

We have new books, thanks to my Aunt Patsy and family! One of the cutest ones is "Little Loon and Papa." It tells of the little loon looking for his papa loon. It is very cute, and Jackson loves it! Here is a clip of us reading that book:

Jackson's First Happy Meal

Last night, we made a Mickey D's run. Ours has a deal right now on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get a happy meal for $1.00 if you get an extra value meal, so we got one! I was so excited for him. It was just one of those unbelievable, albeit corny, moments when you realize your "baby" is big enough for a happy meal! He didn't really care! And the toy was kind of weird, so we threw it away! Oh well, it was worth $1.00!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Boys in Blue

I'm so glad it's fall! I love fall clothes! Here's the boys dressed in their (fall) Sunday best!

A Few Days Off, ...in Tennessee

Sunday morning, Jamin preached at his Dad's church: Baptist Union Baptist Church (the name is different.) Then on we drove to Tennessee. We made it to Fellowship just in time for the preaching to start.

When Jamin got Jackson out of the carseat, he had cereal stuck all over him!

Monday, we went up into the Smoky Mountains for the day. It was perfect weather, and we had so much fun with Mom and Dad, and Jonathan and Becky!

Jackson sleeping on Aunt Becky at Cracker Barrell

Then we made time for Timothy to meet his grannies!
Timothy and Granny Heidel

Timothy and Granny Snow

It was such a short visit! We drove home Wednesday, just in time for our church to start. It's always good to get back home!