Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby news

Well, since some of you have asked about a name, I'll go ahead and tell you. Even though we thought it was a girl, we were more settled on a boy's name than a girl's. So our baby will be Jackson Lee. Jamin says we are sounding a little Confederate. :) I told him we could call him Jackson Grant to keep it even, but he didn't like that! Lee is Jamin's middle name, and also several others on both sides of the family. We're really pleased with our baby name.

I actually had better nursery plans for a boy too. We're doing airplanes, and I'm planning hard. I'm going to buy fabric today. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make all the bedding for this baby. I've got it all drawn out, I just hope it comes out the same as it looks on paper. I made some letters for his name. They are wooden letters, about 6-7" high. They have little bits of fabric put on with Mod Podge, and separated with brown yarn. They look pretty good. I'm going to use some of those same fabrics on the crib. I only took a picture of the first four letters. We're not just going to call him Jack.

We're also going to register today. Since we're planning to move in 3-4 weeks, my mom is planning my baby shower for the last Saturday in September. It's a little sooner than most baby showers, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to get down here very easy. Also, if I get a few large things (swing, stroller), they won't fit in my car. So we're just going to do it before we move so we can pack it all in the huge truck when we're moving. Fun, fun, fun!!

Okay, switching gears. The other day I went to work with Jamin for a little while. He usually works with another man, but that day he went on a job by himself. It was a pretty day, so I sat in the truck and finished a book I started a month ago. I liked watching him work. It was sweet to spend the afternoon together. :) He's been working very hard lately, and sometimes very long hours.

One more picture...after church the other night, Jamin was so sweet, telling me I looked beautiful. He wanted to take a picture of me. Even though I was looking very tired, the sweet way he looked at me was priceless. :) Mushy.

Have a great week!


skislady said...

You look beautiful! I love the way you did his letters for his name! Please post a picture of the finished product!

Mark & Stephanie Fowler said...

Great job on the letters!

The Pepin Family Blog said...

You should sell those in maternity/children's boutiques...adorable!


Jo Hanna Tangeman said...

Joy, you look SOOOO beautiful! Congratulations on your new family member! What a blessing from the Lord! It was wonderful to see you again! (At least in pictures!):)

JJP said...


Those letters look awesome! You are so crafty! You look beautiful as an expectant mother, also!

Shane & Kristy Davis said...

Congratulation! I found your blog, and was so excited to hear the news. Those letter are so cute!

Alicia Reagan said...

I LOVE those letters!!! You are so creative. We need to do some of those for the church nursery. We are going to have so much fun together!!!:)
I also love the name Jackson. Briley will be happy that you chose a "J" name. This is such an exciting time for you guys. I though when you said it was a boy "Oh, yeah, now they get to do their airplanes!"
Love ya!

Jase Divens said...

Jase is offended. He wanted to name ours Jackson...that is, Jackson Grant. Just kidding. I wouldn't let him. Talk about War between the States!:)Anyway,I really like your nursery ideas. Very cute!
Love you guys,

Alicia Reagan said...

I was looking at what you registered online and I have almost the exact bassinet you are wanting so DON'T buy it!! I will give it to you because my babies don't like a bassinet. I can send you a pic of it if you want and then you can decide. If you don't want it then you won't hurt my feelings but if you do want it then it's yours!

wilkersonhome said...

Jackson Lee --What a great name!! I like the "J" name, too. My family were all "j's" growing up. :) Your letters look great... you should post instructions for us! And, you do look beautiful! :)

Tom said...

I love the name! It's so nice you already have it picked out. Now, you don't have to refer to him just as "the baby" :) You look so lovely.

Suzanne said...

Hi Joy!

Congratulations of finding out about Jackson Lee. Good, strong name :) I like it.
Please e-mail me the address of where you will be at for the time of your baby shower.
Praying for you.

Lauren said...

Congratulations!!! I saw your post earlier when you thought it was a girl, I thought Zechariah was a girl too :) His pregnancy was totally different from Micaiah's. I guess I will get my girl later, A boy is good too, plus Cai will have a close play mate. I am hoping they are close... Cai loves him he is like "my baby, baby zack" Zack will be his little name for him, we will either call him Zechariah or Ry. I am so happy for y'all when are you due? Also does Jamin have an email address Daniel would love to hear from him... If so here is Daniel's email address he can just surprise him :)

Hope things go well the rest of your pregnancy