Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're moving...

Last week, the Lord gave us a definite direction to take. As you know, we've been kind of "floating" since the middle of April. But as of last night, it's official; we're moving to Ohio to work with the Reagans. We are SO excited to work in a ministry again and be a part of a church. I also love the idea of having our own place to live again. We have wonderful parents and are so thankful that they have let us live with them for so long. We have enjoyed being so close to them for these past few months...but I miss my couch, my pretty tablecloths, my mirror, you know? :) Anyway, it's such a great feeling to have a definite answer to all these prayers. We are looking at trying to move sometime around October. Several things have to fall into place. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide a good job for Jamin, a place for us to live, and a new doctor for the baby. :)

Well, off to the ultrasound in a few hours!


Rachel said...

Joy, I'm thankful that the Lord has given you a direction to go, and I'll be praying for you guys. I'm excited for you.

I'm anxiously waiting for your announcement later today. I'm so excited for you.

Love you!!!

Alicia Reagan said...

YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! I am so excited that the Lord is leading you this way. I am like a giddy little girl waiting for Christmas! I can't wait till you all get here!
We know that the Lord is going to use you to be a blessing to our church and to us! I just want to say again....YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!

wilkersonhome said...

This is so exciting! I'm sure the Lord will work everything out in His timing!