Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tagged again...

Rachel tagged me for a meme. I think these are fun...although I have no idea what meme means and where these come from. :)

Four Jobs I have had:
Clerk at a little family-owned dress shop
Waitress at Steak 'N Shake
Secretary/assistant proof-reader at Crown Christian Publications (loved it!)
Wife (the best of all)

Four Films I can watch over and over:
The Sound of Music
Royal Wedding
The Parent Trap (and other old Disney movies)
Troop Beverly Hills (SO a kid movie, I love it!)

Four Places I have lived:
Oakdale, TN
Dorms at Crown College, Powell, TN
Emory Rd, Powell, TN
Alpena, MI

Four of my favorite TV shows:
Andy Griffith
Road to Avonlea
Murder She Wrote
Drake and Josh (KID show)

Four favorite foods:
Anything from Taco Bell
Anything Mexican
Whatever I'm craving at any moment (no pickles and ice cream so far)

Four websites I visit daily:
I don't visit anything daily, but...
Other blogs
Weather or news sites (boring I know)

Four Places I would love to be:
Somewhere just with Jamin (anywhere)
My own home
The beach
Another country (besides Canada)

Four People I'm tagging:

*Don't do it if you don't want to, but I'd love to read it if you do. :)


joy said...

Babycenter is one of my favorite places too! Have u joined a birth club?


Alicia Reagan said...

Okay, I will do this one. Just give me some time!:)

Joy said...

Joy, I haven't joined a birth club. What are they all about? Do you like it?

Bro. Jase Divens, Youth Pastor said...

Hi, Joy! Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the prayers. Excited to hear about your visit Tuesday. Have a good day!
Love you,