Monday, August 13, 2007

Drive through Bristol

On the way back to TN this past Saturday, Jamin wanted to take a drive through Bristol. He and his family lived there when he was little. He wanted to show me the camp their church owned, and the South Holston Dam. It was HOT, but in the car with a/c, it doesn't really matter. :) Here are pictures we took at the dam.

And there you have it!

Tomorrow's the big day! The ultrasound! We have wanted a girl all along, but I'm starting to want a boy (don't tell anyone). Plus, everyone in my family seems to want us to have a boy. And I saw some adorable airplane nursery decor at WalMart the other day. But I've seen some pretty precious little dresses too... stay tuned. I'm trying to think of a way to post without a computer. :) If I can't work it out, make sure you come back on the weekend to find out. Also, please pray that everything is okay and that there are no problems with the baby. We are so excited!


joy said...

awwww...preggie ladies are just too cute!

Bro. Jase Divens, Youth Pastor said...

Good pictures! That brings back some memories. We used to go to South Holston Dam and ride bikes and picnic. Lots of fun! We'll be praying tomorrow especially.
Love, Jeanene