Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Days

We're enjoying life so, so much. Jamin has been laid off for about a month now. That can be a tough situation, but the Lord has provided, and we're loving being all together.
Sometimes he likes his johnny jump-up. He's still pretty little, but he loves sitting up. :)

Too cute for words!

He liked holding this toy, but then he got frustrated. :)

Gotta' love the outfit...oh yeah, the smile too!

His smile melts our hearts. We just love him, love him, love him. We're going to the pediatrician this week. I'm anxious to see what he weighs. He's definitely growing. He has outgrown a lot of clothes already! My, how time flies! Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Virginia Visit

We had a great visit this past week with Jamin's family. We left Monday morning when Jackson woke up for his middle-of-the-night feeding. So we left at 3:45. Jackson slept until around 8:30 and just cried a little after that, so we'll be night travelers from now on. :)
Jackson with Grammy and Pawpaw

Grandpa Boyer

Aunt Di

Jackson with Chandra

He's a prodigy!

All this vacation makes a boy sleepy...

Jamin's cousin Mark and family: Jennifer, Rachel and Rhett (two weeks older than Jackson)

They could be scary!

Happy Valentine's Day from Daddy!

Sweet Smiles!!

Granny Umberger

We had such a fun it's time to rest from our vacation!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pictures of Guess Who

I know this is a LOT of pictures, but I just can't narrow it down any more. :) I'm just now able to get different expressions, and some smiles. They're all so cute...well, we think so anyway. ;)
I love when he lays like this. :)

I love this! He looked right at the camera and smiled (although I'm sure it was an accident).

Look at his little round face!

This one's dark, but he was falling asleep and smiling all over the place.

Gotta' love the yawns!

Jackson has had a big week, including going to new people's houses and a different church, hearing Daddy preach for the first time (he thought it was boring...he slept all the way through it...just kidding, it was great Jamin), also his first trip to Cracker Barrel! We are so blessed!!

Grandad's Boys

Dad just got a new tractor, and his dealer gave him hats for his grandsons...too cute!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


This past Saturday we went to a basketball game in Hillsboro. It was Crown vs. Southern State Community College (or something like that). It was a lot of fun. I didn't take any pictures of the game, but I did take this picture of Mrs. Sharon Booth holding Jackson. Our family has known the Booths all of my life. Their daughter went to Crown the same time I did, and their youngest son is there now, and plays on the basketball team.

Here's Jackson after Daddy helps him suck his thumb. It's so cute!

Ready for church on Feb. 3. It's so wonderful to go to church as a family, even if I do end up in the nursery more often than not. :)

Ready to go to Tennessee! Well, we thought we were ready. Jackson had a rough time in his carseat. We're praying he'll do better on the way home. I don't mind if he cries if he's just crying because he doesn't like his seat. But if he's crying because he feels all alone back there, or just because he wants Mommy, I have a tough time handling that. Jamin said that's why he bought ear plugs. (He's kidding.)

Here's my precious Granny Heidel holding Jackson. I'm so glad she got to see him while he's still little.

Here's Mom (Mimi) giving Jackson a bath in the kitchen sink. He loved it (and so did Mimi!).

Uncle Gene and Jackson (my mom's brother). I forgot to get a picture of Aunt Patsy (mom's sister). I'm sorry, Aunt Patsy!

My sister Kristan (Auntie K) and Jackson. I didn't get one of her when they visited OH. In case you can't tell, ;) she is expecting a baby in April - her fourth boy! :)

Four generations: Granny Snow, Dad, me and Jackson

He was so sweet after church last night, grinning for Daddy!

Parenthood is so much fun! Jackson is a little tired and cranky right now. He's had lots of visitors and a different schedule. I'm still glad we came, but dread isn't a strong enough word to describe how I feel about another long car ride. :) I'm sure it will be fine. We also had some pictures done the other night in my brother's studio. Between crying, we got some great pictures. Here are a few, but I'll be posting those at the end of the week, Lord willing.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?