Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls!

... well, not exactly the halls, just everything else!

I finished my decorating today! It didn't take long.

Piano decor: The greenery is real, and smells so nice! There is ribbon and lights, and my picture is wrapped.

My fireplace: Just lots of "stuff" on it. :) The lights make it pretty no matter how jumbled all the "stuff" is.
Jackson and I have been making some ornaments. I'll post those soon. It is fun. He's really not much help, but it's fun trying and making the memories. I can't believe he is almost two years old! He loves helping Mommy do everything!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sugar Tree Farms

Sugar Tree Farms is just about a quarter mile from our house. We have gone here each year to pick our tree, chop it down and bring it home. This is our third year in a row. This is the first year Jackson has actually been big enough to be a little bit of fun!

Bundled up! It's finally getting cold around here!

The cabin where a cozy fire burns, and you can get free coffee or hot cocoa.

Timothy couldn't move with his suit on over his clothes!

Jackson helping Daddy drag the tree... after we made him touch it. ;)

Trying to get Jackson to put an ornament on:

The finished product!

I still have more decorating to do: mantle, piano, table... it will take a while. But I'm so glad the Christmas season is officially here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for Boys

The boys are growing and changing so fast! Timothy is 4 months old today! And I can't believe my sweet little Jackson will be 2 next month! I can't believe how time goes into warp speed the minute your life just can't get more wonderful.

  • is talking, talking and talking
  • loves to eat at "Mudonells"
  • is starting to sleep in his toddler bed
  • gives himself a hug every night before bed
  • is a daddy's boy
  • giggles his way out of trouble

  • talks and coos oh, so sweetly
  • wants to sit up constantly
  • can hold toys
  • does pretty good falling asleep on his own
  • does NOT sleep all night
  • has this precious grin that melts your heart in an instant

These are our precious boys. We try to enjoy every moment with them... for moments don't last long. This Thanksgiving... I am thankful for my boys.

Sunday, November 8, 2009