Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Sucker!

Room-by-Room ~ Boys' Room

I love my boys' room!! It is finished! Yea! I worked on a lot of projects for this room long before we ever moved.

I just added the polka dots on the wall a couple weeks ago. They really pulled everything together and blended it all in.

After taking this picture, I realized I really need a shelf. There is too much open wall space. :)
This shelf was given to us, after being bought dirt cheap. It is actually two shelves stacked. They were blue, green, red and yellow. I finally painted them and we added the letters, bought at Hobby Lobby, the most awesome store on the planet!

I made these valances (with Hobby Lobby fabric), and used a big panel to make the shades. They tie up...

...or come down to block lots of light at naptime. :)
My boys love their room, and for the most part, it is well-organized so that a quick daily pick-up takes care of the mess. :) Thanks for looking!

Room-by-Room ~ Master Bedroom

Welcome to a tour of my bedroom. It is finished, and so I wanted to share. :) I wanted to post "before" pictures, but there really wasn't much to them. The walls were cream-colored and needed to be patched, the trim was dark, dark wood, and the floors needed work. Now...

We've had our bedroom furniture since we got married. It was the only thing we bought brand new, and we totally used wedding money to pay for it.

I would like to replace the closet doors someday, and trim it in. That would help. :) I found the mirrored tiles at IKEA for $5! It really brightened up the room.
My tiny side of the bed. I just need enough room for a lamp and a few books.
I got this light fixture at Grandview Weekend Outlet for $10! It was bright gold, so I spray-painted it black to match my curtain rods. I found the curtain rods at Grandview for $2.99! I love them. And the valances were on clearance at Walmart for $5.00! I love the finished look!
The chair we re-finished, and re-upholstered. It's crammed in, but there's nowhere else for it to go. :) I've also had those sheers since we've been married, and the pillows.
A collection of my favorite romantic pictures of us. ;)

I've also had the bedding since we've been married. I think I've only added a few pillows through these six years. We bought the wall art at Walmart a few months ago. It matches perfect!

I just had to get a good picture with the floors. They turned out so nice after we re-stained and polyurethaned them. :)

And there is the finished product! I love our bedroom. I think the colors are so calm and peaceful, and beautiful. I wanted this room to be a place to come and relax at the end of the day. And as of now, it is still totally uncluttered. Just last week, I put some plastic totes of fabric under the bed to store, but even the closet is clean. I'll enjoy it for now. :)

New Quilts

The mood to quilt has hit me HARD this last month... so I have been busy!

This was a sampler quilting kit I had. I pieced together a lap version for our church deacon, who is starting cancer treatments in a few weeks.

This is a baby quilt. :) I found a neat pattern to make these crazy, off-set blocks. I really liked how it turned out!

I love, love, LOVE this one. i found an easier way to make this star block, and it made it go faster. It's so fun. I love white with pastels or brights... definitely my favorite color combination.

I'm also working on another baby quilt for a friend, a huge applique project for a Christmas gift, and repairing Timothy's baby quilt. There just aren't enough hours in the day to sew...

Giving It a Try

I've discovered the down-side of parenting: potty training! We hit it hard for a little bit, but he's not ready. He still wants to go sometimes, mainly nap time and bed time. ;) But until he learns, it's pretty cute!