Monday, September 24, 2007

My thoughts on home schooling

Well, my dear hubby has gone, and I'm here with my parents. I'm excited to shop and do some fun stuff this week, but I already feel an ache in my heart. The week will go by fast, I am convincing myself constantly.

I have been thinking about home schooling lately. The three of us (Kristan, Jonathan, and me) started out in Christian school for a few years, and then we were home schooled all the way through to graduation. There were times along the way that I wished I could go to public school. Those kids seemed to have so much fun, so many friends. And we were in a small church where there were very few, if any kids our age. My older sister wanted to go to public school at some point, too. Money was tight. I probably have no idea just how tight. It would have been SO much easier for our parents to send us to public school. Why didn't they? Because they believed in giving us a Christian education. They realized that God had given us to them, and it was their responsibility to raise us for Him! It was their responsibility to protect us from what the world has to offer. They believed it so strongly that they would have moved if the state of Tennessee had out-lawed home schooling. What strong parents! It seems like lately a lot of Christian parents are giving up on Christian education (home school or Christian school). I am so thankful my parents did not give in! One thing we couldn't see when we were young was all the bad things those public school kids had to deal with. We couldn't see all the things our parents were protecting us from. I was saved at a young age and going to public school would not have taken away my salvation. But I would have so many scars and temptations to deal with today had I been exposed to all those things. I have enough to keep under control with my flesh already. I know there are situations when parents have no choice, but it is rare. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're home schooling your kids, or you have them in a good Christian school, stick with it. It's worth it! It will help your kids reach their full potential for the Lord, without so many unneeded scars. They will be thankful...we are!
Dad and Mom

Jamin has a similar story. The three of them went through Christian school all the way! Praise the Lord for godly parents!
Dad and Mom Boyer, Jada, us


Alicia Reagan said...

Amen!! Wonderful post Joy. I, too, am thankful that my parents sacrificed to give me a Christian education. I am thankful that my mom chose to stay at home when she could have had a very successful career (she is very talented). I am thankful that she made my dad and us kids her ministry. I am truly thankful for my godly heritage and hope to pass it on to my children!

Shane & Kristy Davis said...

I went to public school, and never ever thought my children would be homeschooled. However, the Lord had different plans. This is my first go at it, and it's really not as hard as I thought it would be. Colton and I are usually done in about an hour and a half. He is really enjoying it and suprisingly..I am too. I am thankful that the Lord is allowing me to do this. I think that it will make us closer as a family. It has given me more opportunities to teach during the day and help us set a better schedule. Thanks for the post.