Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Post of Pictures

Last week, Aunt Jada and Grammy came to visit. Jackson was sick on Monday, but he was ready to go on Tuesday!
First time to go down the slide!

Just a-swingin'

Our Ladies' Banquet at the church went great last week. We had a great time!
My sweet little sleeper
Happy Memorial Day, let's go out and play!

Let's try on our new hat
The sailboats were out! What a pretty sight!
I have Mommy and Daddy right where I want them.
Happy family
I'm thirsty!
Hmm...this is a suspicious look!
A quieter moment!
Jackson's boo-boo from a finger prick at the doctor. Sniff, sniff.
Playing himself to sleep

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mammoth Post

Well, it's been a busy few weeks, and on top of that, the Reagans computer has been on the blink for a while. So I haven't could I? So I'm going to try to give everything all in one post. Hang in there.

Jackson being sweet, falling asleep watching a movie with Daddy.

The ball cap from the Divens'. Jackson loves to wear it!

We got Jackson a Baby Einstein saucer at a yard sale for $15.00! I was so excited! It's practically brand new, and Jackson really likes it because he can sit up.

Looking cute in blue jeans!

The baby quilt I made for Leah's baby shower (a lady in our church).

I also helped plan her shower. Our theme was "A Perfect Gift." I had a ton of fun planning and decorating.

Alicia made the cake. It's so pretty!

Eating yummy cereal for the first time!

Macey and at first sight! Well...

Our family... making memories.

I love this picture! It turned out so cute.

Celebrating with my son on my first Mother's Day!

This past week, Bob and Kelly Radank came to present their work at our church, so they stayed with us for two nights. They have a little Jackson of their own. He is two months older than our Jackson. We had fun making them "play" together. They would usually both end up crying after a few pictures! What mean parents we are!

Two passy-loving Jacksons

At the Amish store... "It would fit right in my room, Daddy!"

"Let's go play with our passys now."

Two adorable boys!

We had so much fun all together. We are college friends anyway, so it was good to spend time with Bob, Kelly and Jackson.

Last, but certainly not least, the big finish:

Click to play Watch Our Jackson!

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