Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our first official trip as part of the Freedom Homeschool Group was last Thursday. It was a fun train ride! We loved it. There were about 50 in our group, and we had a blast!

Jackson's excited face!

Jackson's buddy, Hope
A little village we stopped at... I forgot the name of it

A Swinging Song

Autumn Evenings

"Can I play in the brown dirt?" Jackson asks. Of course he can. And they'll both wear it until bath time.

Just Sweethearts

A Family Visit :)

Mom and Dad came for a quick visit almost a month ago now. It was very fast. It seems like it always is. Never enough time to visit and talk. Never enough time to sit and laugh together. Never enough time to shop with Mom. ;)

But we did make time for a hike.

... and a picknic at the lake

We cherish every moment of "grandparent" time... since we don't get very much. It was a fun, short visit!