Sunday, June 3, 2007

Turtle Huntin'

At the Boyers, they have a pond. It has been plagued with turtles, so Jamin has been hunting them. Now for those of you who will say, "Aww, that's so sad," let me explain. I guess they're really mean. They eat frogs and fish and stuff. So here are some pictures. It was actually pretty fun to hunt them. You just have to sit still on the side of the pond and wait until they come up for air. It usually takes more than one shot to kill them.

This huge one crawled out after it was wounded.


The mighty hunter

Fact of the day: Did you know that turtles have very active reflexes?? After they are dead, they move a LOT, similar to a chicken or snake. For instance, the turtle with guts instead of a head would still stand up and try to walk. It was really weird. Well, I hope you're not grossed out! Have a great week!


The Pepin Family said...

That is TOTALLY gross, but Braden will sure enjoy seeing it. He was so excited because Ringo found a big frog for him early this morning. Ugh!

I know what you mean about being far from family...I really miss mine on holidays! Enjoy your time together...


Rachel said...

Let me just say....GROSS!


Jase, Jeanene,and Jarrod said...

Those turtles were pretty good size, brov! Joy, did you shoot any?When you get your fill of turtles you need to come back here to Richmond and work on our ground hog population. Jase shot one a couple days ago. He also has killed a few cotton mouths in the last week. YIKES!
Well, have fun. Dad might have you after the bear soon, so be careful! :)

Alicia Reagan said...

I was already saying "eeewwww" when I was scrolling down the picture. Then I saw that was what you said!!:)I remember my brothers shooting a turtle and it jumped for a long time!
My guys caught two little turtles this week. One of them ended up in my laundry room with a basket over him!

Amber! said...

I can see why you had to kill them, but it is still sad. Those poor little turtles. Oh well, now I'm over it. LOL. Love ya guys.