Sunday, June 10, 2007

In celebration...

of our third anniversary, we are spending a few nights in Raleigh, NC. There are a lot of neat things to see and do here. Today, we watched a service of Temple Baptist Church online, and we saw some sights. We went to a natural science museum first. It was really neat, but we had to ignore all the evolution talk.

This is a huge whale skeleton.

Three years together!

There was in observatory inside the museum. There were butterflies flying everywhere. So pretty! They even landed on some people. I really liked this part.

There was a sloth here. Now, I have never seen a sloth, but it was crawling slowly. Jamin was telling me that all kinds of little parasites live on them, and sometimes mold grows on them. They are so slow!

350 billion year ago...

This was a pretty huge model!

After the science museum, we went across the street to the North Carolina History museum. It wasn't as much fun as the other one, maybe just because we were getting tired.

A model of the Wright brothers airplane, right up Jamin's alley.

A Conestoga wagon

So that was our fun trip to the museums. We won't talk about all the wrong turns we made, and the red light! But we really had a great time. We topped off our evening with a great Pizza Hut pizza!


Mark & Stephanie Fowler said...

Wow, three years! It sure doesn't seem that long ago. Mark and I have been married eleven years in a couple of weeks. It goes so quickly.

It seems like you enjoy your time together :)

Thanks for sharing.

joy said...

Happy anniversary!

Enjoying your travels and pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Jase, Jeanene,and Jarrod said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Glad you were able to get away. It's hard to believe that its been 3 years! Love you both!

Alicia Reagan said...

Happy Anniversary!! It is so fun to get away for a few days with the one you love!

The Pepin Family said...

Congratulations, you two! We've been married 11 years next month. Hard to believe! Ringo says it feels like 5 minutes...under water! You remember he's a real comedian, right?!

Glad you had a special time away. Do that as often as you can before you have kids! :o)


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary, Joy! Love you.