Friday, June 29, 2007

Personal Policies Meme

I had never heard of this before, but Rachel tagged me, and I think it's cool. Just for this post's purpose, I'm renaming it "Pet Peeves."

  1. My feet have to be clean when I go to bed. And they have to be moist. I cannot sleep if my feet feel the least little bit dirty or dry. On occasion, I have gotten out of bed to go wash my feet.
  2. I do my own dishes. There are a few exceptions to this rule (i.e. mothers, sisters), but I don't like for my company to help clean up (of course, this only goes for when I have my own house).
  3. I have to wear makeup when I go outside the house.
  4. I must wear shoes when I go outside. (I know, I already did one about my feet.)
  5. I take my own Bible to church. I don't like to share, or have to use a hard-backed one out of the songbook rack.
  6. I take the camera everywhere, even when we're just going for a drive. The one time I don't have it, something really cool will happen.
  7. I will not try to catch a mouse if I see one in my house. Nor will I walk across the floor it just ran across. My job is to yell for my husband, or to stay put on top of whatever object I lept onto until he comes home.
  8. In the winter, I have to put on lip stick/gloss and lotion every time I get into the car. I don't think the car will go unless I do.
Okay, since I've only just heard of this, I'm not sure how I did. :) I now tag Stephanie M, Jeanene, Alicia, Suzanne, and Angela. Post your personal policies on your blog and tag five more people.


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Alicia Reagan said...

Maybe I am having a blond moment but I am not sure I understand what I am supposed to do. Do I just list my pet peeves? Does it have to be 8 things or was that just your number? Am I supposed to talk about certain categories (like feet)? :)
Help me...(and then I will gladly post!)