Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Anniversary Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our anniversary trip. On the way back home, we drove through Pilot Mountain, and Mount Airy. If you don't know what legendary tv show comes from this area, I feel sorry for you. :)

As you can see, a storm was brewing. We got into the car before it hit, though.

Also, in honor of our anniversary, I had wanted to post a wedding picture or two. But I had to wait until I was back home before I had access to them.

*Btw, these are not professional. I did a lot of re-touching on the computer before I had them printed.

Ahh... the memories!


The Pepin Family Blog said...

Love seeing the wedding pictures. Our anniversary is coming up so I am going through pictures to make a slideshow. Thanks for posting was great fun seeing them.


Alicia Reagan said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! Hey, I know what show those places come I get a prize?!:)

Joy said...

LOL, nice try, Alicia. :)