Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project "Love Our Home" Post #3

We have done a lot of work this week! Some highlights:

Jamin's study painted! It looks great! It is a little bright in the picture. It's a little more "hunter" and a little less "grass." (Although the name of the color is "Fresh Green Grass.") :)

Our bedroom is painted. It is beautiful!

This is the kitchen ceiling being painted. The previous owners were smokers, enough said. So it now has a nice coat of Kilz. :)

Drywall going back into the bathroom. It's starting to look like a room again. :)
So much measuring!
Bathroom ceiling "before." It needs a coat of Kilz, a new light and new fan.

Jackson loves to "measure." He kept us smiling and light-hearted as he spouted off "3-5-9, 3-3-9."

After a long week of work, we accomplished:
  • Painting the study
  • Painting our bedroom (Now, it doesn't sounds like much painting happened, but if you had seen these walls... you would know why we were only able to finish two rooms. ;) It is amazing how good they look now!!!)
  • Painting all ceilings except the bathroom
  • Getting in the shower/tub, toilet and most of the drywall in the bathroom
The painted rooms still need:
  • The baseboards and trim painted
  • Closets painted
  • Floors sanded
Mom and Dad have been wonderful this week. Jamin and I have a hard time getting much done with two little kids in tow, so a big thanks to our parents! We probably wouldn't have done half this much without them here! All that work done... it's a good feeling!!


The Tylers said...

It is looking good! Can't wait to see all the "after" pictures.

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

oh that is wonderful, Joy -

what color did you paint in your bedroom?
thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

Tascha, the sage green is my bedroom. Amidst all the green, it was probably hard to tell. :)