Monday, February 1, 2010

All in a Two-Year-Old's Day

Today, I was working on painting and refinishing a chair. Jackson saw me and disappeared. In a few minutes he came back in dragging his little fold-up chair. "Paint mine's Mommy." He is a doll. I said "no, we can't paint yours." He disappeared to play again.

Then he came back in a few minutes and was watching me, he got some paint on his hand "accidentally." Just being two. He watched me and said, "is petty Mommy," in his sweetest, high-pitched voice.

Later on, I put him in the crib for a nap so I wouldn't have to keep putting him back in his toddler bed. I checked on him. His socks were gone. I told him to lay down.

I checked on him again. All his blankets and pillows were in the floor and he was crying for them.

Later, as I once again checked on him, he had taken the batteries out of the crib toy. Sigh. He really needed a nap.

I checked on him again. He was standing once again, blankets and pillows in the floor, without socks OR pants... and is still not asleep after two hours.

It's all in a two-year-old's day!


Peggy said...

So sweet, and he's looking so big!

joy said...

He is just so handsome! Sweet little man.

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

oh yes... those are the days... :)

Alicia Reagan said...

Sweet post Joy!!