Monday, February 8, 2010

Christian Home Crusade

This past Thursday and Friday, we had to privilege of attending the Christian Home Crusade in Portsmouth, OH. Pastor Ryan Brown was the host of the meeting. It turned out to be a huge event. Pastor and Mrs. Sexton were there, with Pastor as the main speaker. We so enjoyed the meeting.

Pastor and Mrs. Sexton hold a special place in our hearts. Jamin and I have godly parents, but they are sort of honorary spiritual parents to us. Of course, they don't take the place of our parents, but have taught us so much in the ministry. It was so encouraging to see them. I really have no words to describe how it felt to see them... home would be a good word. It just feels like going home to visit Temple, or to see them.

He hit home with each message he preached, about the home, family, and our roles. I was distracted by my small son who didn't want to be in nursery without me, so I plan on getting CDs of those messages. I'm so thankful for this weekend!

Thursday night at the Calvary Baptist Church:

Friday evening was a banquet at the Shawnee State University. Several of our church folks came. We had such a fun night!

Then the service was in a huge auditorium on campus. There was a huge 170-voice choir, made up of 10 different churches. It was a special night.
Jamin, Alicia, and I also got to sing a couple songs for prelude as people were coming in. That was fun! :) It was a wonderful meeting! There were so many there that we have never met, of course, but there were some friends as well. It was so encouraging to meet together like this. And we've been telling Ryan and Cassie Brown, "Let's do it again next year!"


Alicia Reagan said...

How fun! You have great pictures!! I am glad that one of us remembers to bring a camera!!:)

Peggy said...

I'm so glad you all had this special time!