Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh, to Be Perfect!

As 2012 begins, I am contemplating all the things I want to excel at. They are many!

Today as we came home from church, we could hardly get in the door! It is still a mess from Christmas and traveling.

I told Jamin, "Do you ever feel like every area in your life is a mess?"

He understood where I was coming from. I need to practice piano more, spend more positive time with the kids, get more organized in my menu-planning and housekeeping, read the Bible more, work harder at my teaching, exercise more, get up earlier, be kinder, and on and on the list goes...

I love fresh starts. They feel so good! Valentine's Day is happy, anniversaries are romantic, Christmas is magical. But New Year's... it's fresh! I'm excited to get closer to God this year, and let Him improve me! I'm so glad God doesn't remember all the failures of this past year.

Excited for 2012!


Peggy said...

Very well said, my girl! SO much I need to improve on...WANT to improve on~
But I think it all comes from wanting to love and please the Lord more....and that's a good thing!!

Becky said...

So very true, Joy! I understand where you are coming from too. I totally agree with you. "Oh, to be perfect!" not likely, but I can strive to be more! Great post, thanks for sharing. Love you!