Friday, April 20, 2007

Just taking up space...

There really isn't much to report. Without my hard drive, it is not much fun at all to blog, but I'll do my best. :) Getting that drive back into my possession is on my mental list of tomorrow's to-dos.

On Wednesday night, Jamin and I had the opportunity to sing at my sister's church, the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle. It was really fun and we enjoyed it. Then on Thursday night, we were asked to come and sing at a nearby church where several of my family members attend. They were holding revival services. It was really a blessing to be able to be used even in a small way for the Lord...and it was a lot of fun!

Tomorrow, almost ALL my immediate family members are going to take a gun class to become certified to carry a concealed weapon. This is NOT due to the Virginia Tech massacre, just something they've been wanting to do. If you think I have a slightly insane family, well, you can just keep your comments to yourself.

Keep checking back. I promise to make my posts more interesting ASAP!!


Stephen Troell said...

EVERYONE ought to get their premit to pack heat! It is our right as Americans! Glad to hear that your family is taking the opportunity to exercise their rights as Americans. Up here in the Communistic state of New York, it is much more difficult to obtain! Go get 'em, my southern friends!

Rachel said...

Are you getting a permit, too? I somehow can't imagine you carrying a gun.

Chris has his handgun carry permit, but I was under 21 when he got it. I couldn't really get it now, because...well...I can't shoot straight. ;) We have a handgun by the bed, but Chris says if someone broke in on me I wouldn't need a handgun, I would need a hand grenade. That's how good I shoot. :)

Joy said...

I think it's great. I would kind of be uneasy carrying a gun myself, but I think it's great! Jamin and I may do it sometime in the future. We moved too late to get in on it, plus we don't have a handgun, plus we wouldn't want to spend the money right now.

The Pepin Family said...

More interesting posts?! Your whole family is taking a gun class together...what's more interesting than that? ;o) You go, girl!


Alicia Reagan said...

Hey Joy!
This is Alicia Reagan. I don't know if you remember me or not bu tI have enjoyed following your posts. This is the first time today that it has ever let me leave a comment! I love reading all about you and Jamin's lives. You know, my parents live in Harriman. Dad pastors Swan Pond Baptist Church across from the big steam towers. You all ought to go visit them. You and my mom would hit it off. I am coming in May maybe we can see each other again.