Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Couples Retreat

Last Friday and Saturday, we were able to go to the couples' retreat "Back to the Basics," hosted by Liberty Baptist in Chillicothie. It was at a lodge inside Shawnee State Park, so pretty. We drove both days, since it's close to home, and we couldn't afford it anyway. The special speakers were so good! We were both so encouraged!

Preacher and Alicia
Dave and Amie
The lodge had a huge lobby with big, comfy couches and fireplaces. It was fun just to relax between sessions.
I really wanted to go just for fun. I feel like we have a great marriage. I believe we had close-to-perfect examples all our lives, so we already had a lot of the "kinks" knocked out before we even got married. I kind of thought I didn't need to learn anything. Pretty dumb, huh?
I learned once again, how important we are to each other. I learned, as a wife, I really can make or break my husband. He can follow the Lord and be a "great" man of God even without my cooperation, but it's not as likely. He needs me. I am his greatest critic, greatest encourager, greatest supporter... it just depends on which role I choose to use. I was greatly challenged!
I love my husband so much. I know how hard it must be to be married to me! I thank God for him. He completes me. He loves me. He is patient with me.
It was such a good retreat, just to re-focus, and remember the importance of marriage!

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