Thursday, September 23, 2010

... said Jackson

At supper one day:

Jackson: We saw the ugly thing at Lowe's. It was scary. Do we like ugly things, Mama?

Me: Um... not if they're scary.

Sitting down to read our Bible story book, Jackson was holding another story book.

Jackson: I'll show you Noah.

Me: Ok

Jackson: Noah's not in here, Sweetie.

At lunch

Jackson: Mommy, I'm a hebicoptah.

Me: Helicopters finish all their food.

Jackson: Hebicoptahs don't have mouths!


Peggy said...

O mercy! You must take notes!

Becky said...

LOL!! He is such a funny boy :) give him a hug from Aunt Becky!

Scott and Kristan said...

...from the mouths of babes. This is precious :)