Friday, January 22, 2010

Ode to IKEA

It has been an entire week since I first saw the greatest home store in the world. My mind and dreams have since been occupied with rugs, curtains, sofas, dishes, duvets, lamps, mirrors, chairs, cabinets, shelving...well, you get the picture. It is an awesome store! I just cannot put into words how utterly amazing it really is!

I went with Alicia and we spent ALL day away. We started at the hospital where she goes for therapy twice a week. Next, we ate at a yummy Chinese restaurant. Then... we loaded up the babies in the double stoller (yet again) and went to IKEA!!

My trusty driver Alicia:

IKEA!! It's huge!

Sleeping soundly

The cool part about this store: There are many, many whole rooms set up. You can walk in and open every drawer, every shelf. There is clever storage everywhere! There are tags on everything so you can see how much it is. And you can write the item numbers down on clever little pieces of paper and pencils they provide you with all over the store. This is the room Briley loved when they went before:

Not sleeping soundly anymore, the babies had to be carried. :D

Not pictured: The pain that comes with toting a 18- or so pound baby around for over two hours.
I bought a few things at the store: a dish brush, a pot-lid organizer, and two twin duvets to make for the boys' new room when we move. I spent $20!! That is the best part about the store... it is affordable! We were in there 4 hours!! It is so fun, and you can get so many ideas. I had wanted to take a ton of pics to blog about it, but I got excited and forgot. :)

Friends and family, neighbors and strangers, if you have never been to an IKEA, well, you just have to go!!


Peggy said...

Looks and sounds great. I drooled a little just from the pictures! :)

gretchen said...

i love, love, love ikea.. there is one here in atlanta. also, i'm very proud of you for making it 4 hours with the babies! jim and i went with our two and were majorly stressed on the way out! :)